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Low Cost, High Quality Spay and Neuter Clinic 

In today’s economy, cost is important to many pet owners.  We all want to provide the best care for our pets, but we need to stretch our dollar as far as possible.  Low cost spay and neuter does not mean giving up quality and service at Animal Birth Control. Here are some facts about us you may not know:
Each surgery is performed by the same doctor and only by the doctor.
Each animal is anesthetized with endotracheal intubation, oxygen, and isoflurane.          
Each surgery is performed using a separate sterilized surgical pack.
Each animal’s vital signs are monitored by a technician, using the traditional methods of stethoscopes, digital palpation, capillary refill time, mucus membrane color, as well as pulse oximetry.
Pain control medications are administered to EVERY animal, based upon the age and temperament of the animal prior to surgery.
To decrease anesthetic and surgical risk, we select healthy animals under the age of five years, and limit procedures to only spay & neuter.

Brown Dog
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